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If you’re looking to replace the tires of your automobile, it makes sense that you’re considering purchasing touring tires. These are highly reliable, all-season tires that can work well with a wide range of weather conditions.

We conduct a deep dive into the topic of touring tires to help you understand the benefits of using these tires in the long run. Simply put, we’re here to answer the question: What is a touring tire?

Touring tire features include:

  • Long tread life.
  • All season.
  • Wide tread.
  • Improved comfort.
  • Quiet ride.

What Is a Touring Tire

What Is a Touring Tire?

A touring tire is built to be used as an all-purpose tire and is ideally purchased by regular motorists throughout the year for a multitude of reasons. They are compatible with a wide range of automobiles, including SUVs, minivans, sedans and other passenger vehicles.

Touring tires are designed to offer excellent handling to the user throughout the year, no matter the weather. The primary purpose of this tire is to provide a comfortable driving experience with predictable handling and a long tread life. With reasonable traction on wet and dry roads, you’ll get a balanced and quiet ride.

You will also find that these tires have a wider tread in comparison to other types of tires in this size, which is usually in an asymmetrical tread pattern. This minor design change offers greater traction by allowing the tire to make more contact with the road’s surface. The end result is a far more stable and secure ride, and this is something that all families should certainly look into.

Are Touring Tires All Season?

You will also find that most touring tires utilized across major regions such as the US tend to be all-season tires. While all-season tires are considered a separate category of tires altogether, all-season touring tires are far more reliable than their non-touring counterparts.

A recent study revealed the importance of having balanced and stable tires in regions where the weather changes drastically across the year.

The data revealed that motorists tend to use motorways with their automobiles during most times of the year, but the time spent on the road is substantially reduced during the winter months of January, February and March.

This is because the weather and road conditions are the least safe for motorists during this time of the year, and this is the period that all-weather touring tires are known to be the handiest as well.

A touring tire can undoubtedly hold up in all wet and dry conditions and even tackle light snow with incredible ease.

What Does Performance Tire Mean?

Performance tires are the other major category of tire types apart from touring tires and all-season tires. These are specifically designed to deliver a high-performance experience for the user and are ideal for sports cars, exotic cars, racing cars, supercars and coupes.

When you’re using a performance tire, you will be able to execute tight cornering and achieve reduced stopping distances. This means that you will have greater control over your car, and the time it takes to stop your vehicle using your brakes is highly reduced.

This level of control is vital when driving a sports car or a supercar, as these vehicles are able to achieve some incredible speeds, and safety becomes crucial at such times.

There is, however, a trade that needs to be made when you opt to use performance tires over touring tires. Your mileage tends to drop when you’re on performance tires, and so does the lifespan of the tire in the long run.

What Is a Performance Touring Tire?

Most of the performance tires produced around the world are meant to be utilized in wet and dry conditions alone. Over recent years, however, you have the option of purchasing variations of performance tires based on your needs.

You can now pick performance tires that offer additional all-season capabilities, thereby allowing you to take on a wider set of weather conditions. This allows the user to experience the best of both worlds, but be warned that these types of tires can be quite pricey as well.

Performance tires are the type of tires that can deliver a high-quality driving experience thanks to the use of unique tread patterns on the surface of the tire. Apart from this crucial factor, these tires are also made with a superior construction and are built using high-quality rubber compounds. All these factors come together to improve your driving experience significantly.

How to Pick Between Touring Tires vs Performance Tires

How do you know if you need a touring tire or performance tire on your vehicle? This is a common query for most individuals who’re looking to change their tires. The first step here would be to check the manufacturer guidelines on your particular model to understand if your car is meant to operate on certain types of tire.

If the manufacturer’s guidelines are open to both touring tires and performance tires, the next step would involve focusing on your requirements as a driver. This involves understanding the following factors:

Sports Mode

Do you own a sports car or are you looking for a sporty experience while driving? If you answered yes to either question, you’re probably best served picking up performance tires for your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who’s looking for a comfortable ride that keeps safety above all else, then touring tires will match your needs far more than performance tires. This applies to individuals who enjoy a quiet drive and are also looking to travel with their family on long journeys on a regular basis.

All-Season Usage

Not too long ago, both touring and performance tires did not have all-season versions to consider. Things have changed in the recent past thanks to the complex requirements of a modern-day motorist. You now have access to all-season versions of both performance and touring tires to consider.

While the stability of an all-season touring tire is far superior to that of an all-season performance tire, you can always opt for the latter if you have your mind set on picking up performance tires, but you value additional safety as well.


Most individuals who use sports vehicles end up opting for performance tires, and this takes a toll on the mileage offered by the automobile. If you have a non-sports car and you’re looking for a set of tires to improve your mileage, then you’re best served with picking a set of touring tires.

Comfort Levels

Sports cars tend to be quite comfortable on their own and feature some stunning interiors to maximize your driving experience on their own. Adding touring tires to such cars will only help boost comfort levels even further and take things to the next level for the user.

The increased surface contact offered by the treads used in touring tires makes them ideal when you’re looking for heightened comfort levels as a driver and a quiet ride. This works equally well when used in non-sports cars as well.


Another major factor when picking up tires comes down to the lifespan of the tire in question. You don’t want to have to change your tires every other year, which is why opting for a quality product in a premium brand is crucial.

Out of the two options available, touring tires offer a much longer tread life when compared to performance tires. The tread of this type of tire is built in a way so as to maximize the lifespan of the materials used.

It is important to note that even touring tires don’t last quite as long on sports cars compared to a sedan, for example, as sports cars enforce a higher toll on tires than other vehicles.

Additionally, performance tires may not give you the lifespan you desire, but they offer improved control for the user, which can be very important when you’re hitting high speeds on a sports model.

Handling and Feel

In terms of responsiveness, handling and overall feel, there is no doubt that performance tires outperform their touring cousins. Touring tires still offer excellent traction, but performance tires are much better in terms of braking and responsiveness.

What Are the Best Touring Tires?

If you’re looking to pick up touring tires for your car, you may want to consider these top brands:

  • Michelin.
  • Yokohama.
  • Goodyear.
  • Pirelli.
  • Continental.

These brands are known for producing reliable and high-quality touring tires around the world. Some of the most famous products under these banners include:

  • Michelin Pilot Sport.
  • Pirelli Zero Nero.
  • Goodyear Assurance Tripletred.
  • Yokohama AVID Ascend.
  • Michelin Defender LTX.
  • Continental Contriprocontact.

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Tireless Tires

Touring tires are the trusted choice for families and regular motorists around the world thanks to their overall stability, lifespan and balance. You have plenty of quality brands to consider when picking up a set of touring tires. Just make sure to match your vehicle’s information with the details of the tires, and you’re good to hit the road.


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