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Trailer King is a sub-brand of the TBC Corp, and it specializes in creating high-quality tires for all types of RVs and trailers. The TBC Corporation is one of the best tire manufactures in North America, and the Trailer King brand is one of their best offerings.

In this article, we provide all the details of the Trailer King brand and tell you our honest opinions about their products and if you should consider purchasing from them. This is our official Trailer King tires review.

Trailer King Tires Review

About TBC Corporation

The TBC brand has been thriving in North America for over 60 years. They are a true automotive giant and have managed to take a considerable share of the market by using a multi-channel strategy.

Over the years, their operation has expanded worldwide in the retail, wholesale and franchise sectors. They believe in delivering various specialized brands to the customers that are the best-in-class in terms of maintenance, repair services and customer expectation.

Their wholesale services extend to the US, Mexico and Canada. Their network currently extends to over 3,200 franchised outlets and automotive centers, with associations extended to big brands such as Big O Tires, Mids and Tire Kingdom.

Sub-Brands of TBC

The TBC brand’s scope and scale can be genuinely understood and appreciated when looking at the sub-brands they’ve created besides Trailer King tires. This includes:

Sumitomo Tires

This is a premium export brand and is widely considered one of the most influential tire manufacturers on the planet. Their products include offerings in passenger vehicles such as SUVs and CUVs, along with commercial tires.

The USP of Sumitomo products comes from the value offered by the brand and their unparalleled performance.


This is a brand that’s specifically designed to cater to the replacement tire market. They have operations and dealers across North America and offer products in various sectors such as commercial, specialty and even agricultural tires.

Apart from tires, the brand also tackles wheel weights, valve stems, steel wheels and a host of other automotive equipment. They have been in operation for several decades now, and their products offer high mileage and performance to their customers.

Eldorado Tires

This is a brand that focuses on supplying independent tire dealers across the North American continent. They take on passenger, SUV/LT, commercial, agricultural and specialty tires.

This sub-brand was founded in 1966, and it focuses on quality, value and state-of-the-art engineering for the sake of their customers.

Delta Tires

Delta tires is one of the leaders in the replacement tire market and has operations spread across North America. They also tackle agricultural, specialty and passenger tires.

This brand has a wide set of programs and distribution channels, making it easy to find its products at most locations.

Interstate Tires

This is a brand that specifically focuses on passenger, light truck and commercial vehicles. It is one of TBC’s newer brands, but it has quickly developed into a stellar name of its own.

They utilize unique marketing strategies that have yielded excellent results over time. This is reflected in the sales growth that stands well above the average of the replacement tire industry.

Power King Tires

Power King tires are focused solely on commercial trucks, trailers, bias LTs, and specialty replacement tires. This is a brand designed for those who spend a majority of their time on the road, and their intention is to understand and serve the needs of such drivers.

Their products are superior to other brands in this segment, and they offer excellent services at a highly competitive price range.

Trailer King Tires

The Trailer King brand is one of the best offerings by the TBC Corporation, and they work towards creating high-quality RV tires. Their entire purpose is to produce high-quality tires that are comfortable to use, reliable in the long run and safe for the drivers.

Trailer King tires have quickly become one of the fastest-growing brands in the RV tire industry, and its mission to help people take control over the roads has been highly successful thus far.

Are Trailer King Tires Made in the USA?

Yes, Trailer King tires are made in the US, much like all other TBC corporation products. You can, however, utilize dealerships and online retailers to access these products in various countries across North America and around the world.

What Trailer King Tires Are Best?

The Trailer King ST Radial tire is widely considered the best product offered by the brand currently. It is, therefore, worth taking a look at this product and examining its features.

About the Trailer King ST Radial Tire

Finding the right set of tires for your trailer or RV is key as you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time on the road, and it’s best that you pick out a set of tires that are not only reliable but also extremely durable in the long-run.

Enter the Trailer King ST Radial tire.

This is a product that’s become famous among campers and handymen for being a top-quality product that offers immense durability, traction, an excellent load rate and an incredible price point.

The ST Radial has been designed with a long tread life that can handle any challenge from heavy loads and long distances to snow and hot weather. They fit a wide range of vehicles and trailers and provide a smooth ride.

Top Features of the Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire 225 75r15

  • Has a 15-inch radial.
  • Comes with an enhanced shoulder design.
  • Includes nylon overlay construction for various sizes.
  • A center groove has been used for improved stability and consistent tracking.
  • Is capable of holding up to 2,600 pounds.


This brand is designed to meet the needs of campers and towing vehicles across North America. The tires themselves are extremely slick to look at and have a nylon overlay construction for heightened durability.

Thanks to these materials and design choices, this tire is capable of coping with all types of extreme weather conditions, as well as taking on long-distances on highways without worrying about changes in the surface and terrain.

This model is a massive improvement from the previous models offered by Trailer King tires, and one of the stand-out features here is the use of an enhanced shoulder design. Thanks to this feature, towing hefty loads with these trailers tires can be effortless, all the while preserving the tread life of the tires.

Thanks to this feature, these tires also wear out evenly, and the heat generated is evenly distributed across the surface of the tires as well.

Multi-Purpose Tires

The unique design of these Trailer King tires allows you to utilize them for a wide range of applications. You can put them to use for boat trailers, utility trailers and even fifth-wheel trailers. These radial tires are up for these various tasks and can easily tackle the weight placed on your trailer without hampering your driving experience even the slightest.


Another immaculate design feature utilized in this Trailer King product is the use of center groovers in the tread. Thanks to this significant change, the stability of these tires is far superior to older versions and even existing competitor products.

The grooves are now designed in a manner that helps the tire tackle the wear and tear that occurs naturally in a highly efficient way. This change also affects the consistency offered by your vehicle, and it can be quite challenging to find such a superior product in this price range.

Trailer King has ensured that you can find this model in various sizes based on the size and needs of your vehicle. There are various load ranges marked on the tires, and you can go for C-class, D-class or E-class based on your needs.

Warranty and Service

One of the best features of the TBC Corporation and all their sub-brands is the excellent customer service afforded to all their users. This particular product comes with a nationwide five-year limited warranty, and this can be quite rare to find for trailer tires.

Most other companies only offer limited-warranties for two to three years, and by doubling this warranty period, Trailer King has ensured that they have placed the needs of their customers over their own.

This change in the warranty period is most crucial for drivers of trailer vehicles. As most of the issues and wear-and-tear only occur after a couple of years, Trailer King ensures that they are at your service when you need them the most.

Advantages of Using Trailer King Tires

  • This brand creates products that feature a long-lasting design.
  • This product sports improved stability and tracking, thanks to the shift to the center groove system.
  • The tread life is best-in-class.
  • You can apply various load ranges on this tire, and it still holds up.
  • Includes an impressive five-year, nationwide manufacturer’s limited warranty.
  • You can use this product for both short and long distances.

Disadvantages of Using Trailer King Tires

  • It has a low end carry weight.
  • Some users have had issues with assembling these tires on their own.
  • There have been some complaints about users being sold older versions by dealers. Make sure to check on the date of the tire before making a purchase.

Customer Reviews

Here’s what a couple of customers had to say about Trailer King tires:

Gary, in April 2018, said: “Awesome tires, I have had them on my 6400 lbs toyhauler for 7 years now. The only reason I’m changing all 4 now, is because I hit a concrete barrier and blew out the one tire and noticed some very minor cracking on some of the other tires, otherwise I would of done one more season on them .After 7 years still have lots of tread on them and I use my trailer a good 15 times a year and have done some big trips as well.”

Alexey, in November 2018, said: “I’m driving a lot with the trailer and that was the tires installed on a factory and they lasted for about 50-70k miles. Never had any problems with them, so I bought another set when the time came to replace. Even when the tread gone and the tire completely bald you can still drive, then you can see metal cord and the tire is still intact. I have a friend who uses some random-branded tires and he has flats and blow-outs every few thousands miles.”

What Does the D Stand for on a Trailer Tire?

The D indicates that a trailer tire has a diagonal bias ply construction—essentially, body plies within the tire will crisscross. If you see an R on the trailer tire, it means that a radial tire construction has been used on the product.

Can I Use Regular Tires on My Trailer?

No, you cannot use regular tires on trailers. Sometimes, light truck tires have been used in RVs, but they don’t work for trailers. This is because trailer tires are supposed to have much thicker sidewalls when compared to regular tires.

This helps them build up greater levels of heat when they are inflated, and this is also one of the reasons why it’s recommended that trailer tires are inflated to the highest possible levels before hitting the road.

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King of Trailers

If you have a trailer for the purpose of business or camping, you already know that this can be a difficult vehicle to maintain. The upkeep and running cost of this type of model can work up to a hefty amount in the long run. Any changes that affect this overall cost and help bring the expenses down can be a big bonus.

Keeping this in mind, the TBC brand has introduced a set of highly reliable tires using their Trailer King sub-brand. These tires are built around the needs of the trailer users, and they offer a high-quality driving experience without affecting your budget.

In fact, the Trailer King five-year warranty period pretty much ensures that your costs only drop over time. Add to this the fact that this tire can tackle the most varying loads, and it has a centered tread for improved stability, and you have one of the best trailer tires in your hands.

If you’ve been looking for “tires for trailers near me” or trailer tires Walmart, Trailer King should be your first port of call.


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