Tires For Good

Do you or someone you know need tires and can’t afford them right now? Do you worry about the tires you are driving on?

 I am a long time tire guy and have seen many families driving on steel cords, trying to get every last mile from tires. Even worse, they get in a cycle of buying used tires one at a time! Over the course of 40k miles they have spent 2-3x more on used tires (plus labor for mount and balancing, plus lost time!)  then if they had just got a decent set of new tires to begin with. The cycle of poverty is tough, it is expensive to be poor. It is something that affects many poor single moms all the way to lower middle class families. Also consider the safety of themselves and others on the road. Additionally, the quality of those 40k miles driven are much better on new tires, and not having to worry about breakdowns or being late to work can do wonders!

TireGuyMatt on occasion has the ability to give a free set of tires to a family or individual in need. To nominate yourself or someone you know, please fill out this form

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Interested in helping?

Are you an installer willing to install tires for free if I send them to your shop?

Are you a retailer or manufacturer able to donate a set of tires on occasion?

Do you know an organization I could partner with to help find people in need?

Any other ideas to help Tires For Good grow?

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