How to Dispose of Tires

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Considering the growth and scale of the automotive industry globally, it isn’t hard to imagine that there must be a lot of old tires taking up plenty of space in landfills. In the US alone, nearly 250 million scrap tires were generated in 2017. The cumulative figure on our planet stands at one billion scrap tires annually.

So when it comes to getting rid of your tires, we must seek out the most responsible methods to do so to avoid polluting our planet. We explore the best ways to dispose or recycle your tires in this article. If you’re looking for how to dispose of tires, we have all the answers below.

When disposing of tires you can:

  • Use an auto shop to take care of it.
  • Remove the tire weights and rims and find a recycling facility.
  • Use the tires in your garden or home.
  • Don’t throw them in the dumpster.


How to Dispose of Tires


What Should I Do With Old Tires?

You have quite a few options available when you’re seeking to dispose of your old tires. The three most popular ones include:

  • Recycling your old tires.
  • Using local auto shops and authorities.
  • Getting creative.

Recycling Your Old Tires

Once your tire is at the end of its lifespan, you can begin to consider recycling it. You will know that your tire is on its last leg when it has plenty of wear and tear on its surface. If it’s past the point of being re-treaded or re-grooved, you can definitely consider recycling the tire.

Recycling tires is an activity that’s been highly successful over the years. Since the operation first began, we have steadily witnessed the reduction of scrap tires in landfills.

How to Recycle Old Tires

  1. Make sure that your old tires are beyond use by taking them to an auto shop and checking if they can be repaired. Try prolonging your tire use as long as possible as it’s far cheaper than buying new tires. Once they are beyond being safe to use, consider recycling.
  2. Check to see if your local auto shop is willing to recycle tires for you. In some regions, the taxes you pay cover the disposal of old tires, so make sure to check if you qualify for this. In some auto shops, tire disposal is a part of the service charges levied when you pick up a new tire.
  3. If you’re recycling the old tires personally, make sure to remove the wheel weights and rim first. The rim of nearly all tires is made out of aluminum, while the weights are often made of steel. Both materials are quite valuable when it comes to recycling, and you can scrap them for a healthy chunk of change.
  4. Make sure to be careful while using power tools to remove the old tire from your rim. Do not take on this endeavor if you’re inexperienced in the use of power tools.
  5. Now that you have the tire separated, you have a fair number of options in your hands. You can either utilize the material in your home to make compost bins, tire swings or planters in your garden, or you can hand it over to a recycling facility that can responsibly recycle the rubber for you.

Why Recycle Tires?

Here are some factors to consider that highlight just how important tire recycling is at this point:

  1. Nearly hundreds of millions of used tires are disposed of in landfills in the US alone each year. At this rate, we’ll be out of landfill in a few decades.
  2. Used tires take up a lot of space, not to mention attract rodents and mosquitoes. They also trap methane emissions and are a constant fire risk. Once a tire is on fire, the worst part is that they can be extremely difficult to put out.
  3. Your old tires can be utilized to make TDF or tire-derived fuel. This is a source of alternative energy to fuel and is known to be 25 percent more effective as an energy source when compared to coal.
  4. Tires are also used for a wide range of other applications that include making ground rubber and being utilized in civil engineering.

Using Local Auto Shops and Authorities

There are quite a few centers you can get in touch with to help dispose of your tires if you’re not interested in recycling them. This includes:

  1. Contact a tire recycling facility near you. There are plenty of agencies that tire recycle, and a quick search online will let you know which is the closest center to you.
  2. Check if your local recycling center has a tire disposal option.
  3. Contact your local EPA office and ascertain the information on the best ways to dispose of tires in your region.
  4. Contact your city’s services department or the solid waste management department.
  5. Check to see if there are locally hosted collection programs. These drives are much cheaper, and they sometimes even collect your tires for free.

Getting Creative

This last step involves utilizing the tires in your own home. You’d be surprised how you can use a simple object such as a tire for a wide range of applications. This includes:

  1. Creating a tire ottoman for seating or to be used as a table or footstool.
  2. Making a recycled tire ladder for your kids.
  3. Making flower planters.
  4. Building a tire swing.

How Much Does It Cost to Dispose of Tires?

The cost of disposing tires can be highly subjective. You can have this executed for free if it’s covered in your taxes or in the cost of your tire purchase itself. Some local recycling drives will also take your old tires for free. Other times, you will have to pay a tire disposal small fee. The cost of this is subjective based on the agency picking up the tire.

A typical disposal fee rarely comes up to more than $2 to $5 per tire.

Does Walmart Dispose of Tires?

Yes, Walmart is planning to begin disposing tires, but they haven’t begun operations yet.

Can Tires Be Thrown in Dumpster?

You should not throw your tire into a dumpster as it ends up in a landfill and is damaging to the environment.

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Recycling is Key

We’ve highlighted a handful of ways to help you dispose of or even make use of your old tires when you need to get rid of them. We’d highly recommend that you find a way to recycle tire as they can be put to the best use in this manner.

There are plenty of tire uses we’ve recommended already, and we encourage you to get creative and find your own methods as well.


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