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Black’s Tires is a tire and auto service located in North Carolina and South Carolina. They are widely considered one of the best service centers in the region and even across the nation.

We conduct a thorough review of this auto service center to understand precisely what makes them so popular and what the customers think about this agency. This is a comprehensive Blacks Tires review.

Services offered by Blacks Tires include:

  • Tire replacement and service.
  • Repair services.
  • Battery checks.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Tire rotation.

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About Black’s Tire and Auto Service

Black’s tire service was established in 1929 and is now nearly a century into offering one of the best automotive services across the country. It’s a family-owned business that focuses its attention on providing excellent service to its vast number of consumers on a daily basis.

Customer service, in fact, is a keyword for Black Tire and Auto Co, as they believe in offering the very best to the people who walk through their doors.

Apart from providing high-quality parts and excellent automotive services, Btstire also looks to show its dedication to customer service by giving round-the-clock roadside assistance. They can do this with the help of the 47 retail locations that are conveniently spread across North and South Carolina.

They look to be highly attentive towards the needs of the people, and their pricing reflects their desire to service individuals from every section of society.

Their corporate office is currently located in Shallotte, North Carolina. Their first and most popular branch was established in Whiteville NC 28472.

Services Offered

When you visit BlacksTire, you’ll find the following services on offer:

Tire Service and Replacement

Black’s Tire Auto are the foremost experts when it comes to helping you select the ideal set of tires for your automobile. They have a wide set of tires and brands for you to choose from, and you can conduct the entire process of changing your tire set in a single location.

This includes browsing through the tire options available, selecting the right ones for your vehicle, and having them switched to your car swiftly and efficiently.

Repair Services

Black’s Tire and Auto is widely considered one of the best automotive repair centers across the country. You can utilize their expertise to help you conduct the following services for your vehicle:

  • Checking the brakes.
  • Conducting wheel alignment.
  • Changing the oil.
  • Executing dealer recommended flushes.
  • Tire service.
  • Creating custom wheels.
  • Working on commercial tire retreading.
  • Inspecting your vehicle.

You can rest assured that the company takes each of these tasks very seriously and looks to execute it to perfection for their customers’ sake.

Battery Checks

Keeping an eye on the performance and lifespan of your battery is a key component of maintaining your car. The engineers at Black’s tire shop will ensure that your battery is sturdy and reliable by conducting a thorough battery check.

This allows you to rest easy and maintain peace of mind before taking on a long road trip.

Black’s Tire Rotations

When you have a two-wheel drive, the front wheels tend to get utilized far more than the back wheels, as the entire movement of the vehicle is dependent on the front two wheels. This means that your front wheels tend to get worn out faster over time due to this additional usage.

When you pick up a set of tires from Black’s Tire Auto Service, the company offers free tire rotations throughout the lifetime of the tire purchased by the brand. Isn’t that convenient?

Round the Clock Service

The Black’s Tire retail outlets and service centers around the country have fixed work timings from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on Saturday. You can, however, call their roadside assistance hotline to seek help in case of emergencies at any point throughout the day or night.

This can be extremely useful when it comes to changing tires, requesting towing services, charging your batteries, or even requiring assistance after an accident.

You can count on the engineers of Black’s Tire and Auto service to turn up when you need them the most.

Additional Services

Apart from these major services, you can also call the Black’s Tire repair shop for the following additional services:

  • Scheduling an appointment based on your convenience.
  • Applying for a motorist assurance program.
  • Connecting with the tire and service network offered by Goodyear.
  • Accessing ASE certified technicians.

Customer Reviews

Here are some choice words from customers regarding the service and capabilities of the good folks from Black Tires.

According to Tom in August 2020: “I had a blow out on a trailer hauling a golf cart in North Myrtle Beach yesterday. I called for road service around 11:30 AM, and they informed me that it would be around 2 PM before they got to me because the technician had two other calls ahead of me. They also told me that they would call me if he could get there earlier. The technician called about 12:30 PM and said he was on the way. He was finished before 1 PM. Great service!”

Teresa, in July 2020, had this to say: “These guys are AWESOME!!! Went for an oil change on a used car I just bought, and they called me into the garage to show me my tire was about to fall off. So glad they caught that and fixed it for me. They do very dependable work, and the price is not bad at all. I trust them with my automobile.”

The Very Best in Automotive Service

The service sector is notoriously unreliable, especially when it comes to the automotive industry. Profits and bottom lines come in the way of delivering quality customer service and building brand loyalty. This is where Black’s Tire and Auto Service has managed to stand out from the crowd.

Not only has the company made a name for itself by offering superior service, but they have done so consistently for nearly a century at this point, and that’s something. The next time you need to have your vehicle fixed in North and South Carolina, we would highly recommend Black’s Tire service.


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